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Every year, Amiral Gestion donates the equivalent of 1% of its profits to charitable organizations in two specific areas: entrepreneurship and education. On an annual basis, employees are invited to recommend organizations that focus on these areas. As in our management, the long-term approach is a key component of our engagement, and it is for this reason that we have supported these organizations over the years.

We also finance Taina, an endowment fund created by a partner of Amiral Gestion.


The Espérance Banlieues Foundation was created in 2012 to encourage the development of high-quality independent schools (no contract) in underprivileged urban neighborhoods, that are adapted to meet the specific educational challenges of these areas.

The goal of the Espérance Banlieues Foundation is to boost access to high-quality education for all children in these neighborhoods. There are now two schools: the first, in Montfermeil, was founded in 2012, and the second, in Marseilles, opened in 2014. Several projects are being examined in the Paris area and the rest of France. Amiral Gestion has supported this foundation since its inception. Its involvement includes regularly reviewing the progress of projects underway with the organization’s managers.



Fonds de dotation TAINA
4 Avenue Sainte Marie
94160 Saint Mandé


Taina is an endowment fund created in 2011 by one of Amiral Gestion’s partners. Its purpose is to help young children suffering from illnesses. Taina is committed to this human and civic investment. Since 2011, Taina has been financed largely by Amiral Gestion and its partners. The resources committed have enabled the neonatal ward of Armand Trousseau Hospital to acquire the equipment necessary to ensure care for premature newborns, and have also funded several critical operations for very young children suffering from heart disease (in partnership with “Mécénat chirurgie cardiaque“) and facial deformities (in partnership with “Face au monde“).


Association for the Right to Economic Initiative

Since 2009 we have supported Adie, an association that helps individuals excluded from the job market and the banking system create their own businesses through microcredits.

To learn more about these young entrepreneurs, visit:


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France Active

Since 2012, Amiral Gestion has supported France Active, one of the leading associations promoting business creation in France. For the last 25 years, this local network has financed and supported people in difficult circumstances who want to start their own businesses. And it has produced results. In 2014, France Active created and safeguarded 32,946 jobs and funded 6,938 projects. We have collaborated with this organization on its CAP’Jeunes program, launched in October 2012, which aims to support young entrepreneurs under the age of 26.


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