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Our Sextant SICAV

Amiral Gestion manages 12 sub portfolios of the Sextant SICAV; 9 equity sub portfolios (Sextant PEA, Sextant France Engagement, Sextant Tech, Sextant Climate Transition Europe, Sextant PME, Sextant Entrepreneurs Europe, Sextant Asie and Sextant Autour Du Monde), one flexible diversified (Sextant Grand Large) and two Fixed Income (Sextant Bond Picking and Sextant 2027). All these sub portfolios are managed following the same investment philosophy based on acquiring an intimate understanding of companies and searching for their fundamental value from a long-term perspective. This approach is part of a rigorous management process where quantitative and qualitative, financial and non-financial analysis complement and enhance each other.