Wealth management

A team working by your side. We hold shares in our own company as well as in the companies in which our funds invest.

A portfolio-based approach

We have been working since 2009 to create long-term value for you, taking the same approach to investing as that applied to our Sextant funds. We thus invest only in businesses we understand and are able to model thanks to the expertise of an extensive investment team of 20 analyst/fund managers based in Paris and Singapore.

We look well beyond macroeconomic speculation and short-term trends and opt instead to invest for the long term based on:

  • A close understanding of the business models operated by the companies we choose to invest in;
  • The non-financial considerations taken on board by their managers;
  • Companies that are trading below their real value;
  • An in-depth analysis of their balance sheets.

Each of the recommendations factored into our portfolios are the result of research and monitoring carried out by our investment team, with full transparency provided on each investment case.

We also firmly believe that non-financial analysis is essential to acquiring in-depth knowledge about a company. We therefore analyse environmental, social and governance issues as an integral component of our fundamental approach to investment.

Our bespoke investment solutions

Each portfolio needs to be managed according to each individual's future plans, so we offer to take a bespoke approach to investing your capital with assets allocated according to your appetite for risk and your investment horizon. Investments are made primarily through our Sextant funds and in direct securities.

A personalised approach: our teams will always strive to meet your investment needs and are able to adapt portfolios to your investment constraints.

We have since 2009 developed a broad range of bespoke solutions tailored to the various investment/savings options available to you (securities accounts, equity savings plans (PEA, PEA-PME), dedicated open-end funds, etc.) and to the custodians and insurance firms selected to protect your wealth.

Transparent information

We offer full transparency and reactivity throughout the process of managing your wealth. We have developed regular communication tools enabling you to keep track of your capital:

  • Secure online access to your accounts
  • A quarterly investment management review
  • A detailed quarterly newsletter covering market trends and the investment cases of businesses in our portfolios
You are a wealth management advisor

Amiral Gestion can offer you assistance in managing your clients' wealth. Your usual sales contact is available to answer any queries you may have.

A dedicated team

David Poulet ‑ Fund manager
Stéphane Lemuet ‑ Wealth manager
Romain Goldenberg ‑ Wealth manager
Sabine Diaz ‑ Administrative officer

Contact us to find out more about our extensive wealth management solutions – +33 (0)1 47 20 78 18