Amiral Gestion continues to develop in expanding its Fixed Income management and discretionary wealth management teams

Paris, 22th June 2021 – Amiral Gestion, an independent asset management company with €3.6bn in AuM, continues to develop in expanding its Fixed Income and wealth management teams.

Amiral Gestion announces today the appointment of Anne-Claire Daussun as Fixed Income analyst-manager. Based in Paris, Anne-Claire joins the Fixed Income management team, an asset class that is seeing robust interest from investors and has more than €600m in assets under management (AuM). Specialising since 2008 in fundamental research and management of convertible and high-yield bonds, Anne-Claire joins the management team of Sextant Bond Picking, an international bond fund that has just marked its four-year anniversary. She will also take part in managing the Fixed Income bucket of the Sextant Grand Large fund and dedicated multi assets funds.

Julien Lepage, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Amiral Gestion, expressed his satisfaction at this hire:

"We continue to grow dynamicaly, including an ongoing expansion of our management and research teams. Anne-Claire’s arrival consolidates our expertise in credit management in a Fixed Income universe that requires ever-growing resources to meet investors’ need for yield. We are pleased to welcome Anne-Claire, whose career and investment vision are a perfect fit for the philosophy borne by all of Amiral Gestion’s teams."

In another strategic development for Amiral Gestion, it also announced the expansion of its wealth management team. After bringing on Stéphane Lemuet in 2020, Amiral Gestion is maintaining its development momentum with two new team-members: Romain Goldenberg as a discretionary wealth manager and Sabine Diaz as an administrative employee. Initiated in 2008, Amiral Gestion’s discretionary wealth management business has almost €450m in AuM in mandates and dedicated UCITS.

Nicolas Komilikis, CEO of Amiral Gestion, said:

"Since we set up our discretionary wealth management desk in 2008, more and more of our clients have placed their trust in our team to manage some or all of their financial wealth in the form of discretionary mandates. This avails them of both the management expertise of Amiral Gestion investment teams and guidance from our discretionary managers. Romain and Sabine will let us accompany this growth and strengthen our close relationships with our clients and the quality of our services."