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Flash Internet - Sextant Autour du Monde classified SFDR 8

Amiral Gestion has decided to make the following amendments to the prospectus of "Sextant Autour du Monde" mutual fund (hereinafter, the "UCITS"), namely:

The non-financial criteria applicable to the fund are changing. From 17 December 2021, therefore, the Fund will adopt non-financial approaches aimed at strengthening its ESG nature and facilitating adequate assessment of sustainability risks. These non-financial considerations allow the fund to rank « Article 8 » according to the requirements of the « SFDR Disclosure » regulation. The full prospectus, updated to reflect these changes, will be available on the website from 17 December 2021. The appendix contains details of these adjustments.

In addition, Amiral Gestion has implemented a range of good practices as part of its 2020-2023 Responsible Investment Strategy, making it possible to gradually structure control of Principal Adverse Impacts (PAI)1 on sustainability factors, and which should eventually lead to their assessment and integration into investment decisions (organisation of PAI sourcing indicators with non-financial rating agencies and companies, constant improvements to non-financial research procedures, notably for appropriate consideration of PAIs.

The non-financial criteria applied to the fund are described in more detail in the document entitled Transparency and promotion of the fund’s environmental and social characteristics in accordance with the SFDR Disclosure regulation which, from 17 December 2021, will be available on the Amiral Gestion website: