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Remuneration policy

Amiral Gestion has implemented a remuneration policy in accordance with the AIFM directive and the UCITS V directive, as well as the directives and recommendations issued by the ESMA.
The remuneration policy is consistent and promotes sound and effective risk management and does not encourage risk-taking which is inconsistent with the risk profiles, the regulations, the constitutional documents of the investment funds under management.
This policy is also in line with the interests of the UCIs and its investors.
Further details can be obtained in the company’s website:, along with the employee compensation policy of Amiral Gestion, upon written request adressed to your manager.

Amiral Gestion’s staff may be remunerated on a fixed base and a variable base. However, the variable part is marginal on the overall compensation paid to persons identified as a risk taker or equivalent within the meaning of these regulations.
All employees are eligible to the participation and profit sharing. All employees are also shareholders of Amiral Gestion. The share in the capital is gradual and depends on the individual contribution of each to the company. Thus, the interests of carriers and to Amiral Gestion employees are aligned to achieve the best long-term performance and the sustainability of the company.
All members of the company are directly interested in the success of all funds and income of the company to avoid reckless risk taking.
The complete remuneration policy for employees of Amiral Gestion and the total amount of remuneration in respect of the year, broken down according to the regulatory criteria are available free of charge upon written request to your manager: Amiral Gestion, 103 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris.



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